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Uploading files to Twirpx: A brief guide for non-Russian-speaking members

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The following summarizes the most essential parts of the site FAQ's Uploading and editing and File Description sections.
Spanish-speaking users may refer here.
How do I earn points?
Guidelines are here (in Russian).
Briefly, you may:
1. Upload your own files. A download of your file by someone else can earn you 5 points at a time (or more or less if a file cost other than default is set). The more downloads, the more points.
2. Check through files in languages you are familiar with and suggest to fix any errors (typos etc.) you may spot = 10 to 40 points if suggestion is approved.
3. Report doubles (two ore more copies of one and the same material) = 30 points at a time per one set of doubles, maybe more or less depending on who deals with your report.
4. Gather files (link lists) for new thematic sections = a varying but large number of points at a time.
5. Donate money for site maintenance (via the Помочь сайту материально feature in the Личный кабинет) = a fixed number of points, stated in the instructions shown in the process, depending on the payment method you choose.
What do I do to upload a file?
Step 1. Make sure your file meets the site's criteria.
We accept:
- All kinds of books and periodicals, including audiobooks;
- Student papers (talks, essays, lecture notes, etc.);
- Dissertations;
- Free software that is intended either to facilitate educational/research activities or for working with ebooks.
Separate scholarly papers are accepted, but it is highly preferable that, if possible, you upload the entire edition they are published in.
We do not accept:
- Audio and video files that are of no educational value.
- Software that does not meet the criteria given above.
- Any sensitive/potentially offensive material.
- Always make sure your material has not been added to the site yet.
To check, use the site's search engine.
Checking manually may be useful but still a lot less effective.
A copy won't count as a double if:
* it is a different file format (say pdf vs. djvu, fb2 vs. rtf, etc.);
* it is a different, non-facsimile edition of the same book.
Yet very similar formats, like doc\rtf or htm\mht, do count as one.
Also, the file must not be an obvious result of a thoughtless automatic conversion from one format to another, especially if the original was downloaded from our site.
This of course does not apply to cases when a file has been improved and then saved in another format.
If you wish to replace an existing file with a better copy, upload it and leave a comment at the file page. The comment must include a link to the older file, and a brief description of your copy's advantages.
- Self-evidently, make sure your file copy is a working one and no essential parts are missing.
- Do not upload several items in one archive (except for ones that are useless if taken separately).
- Do not upload fragmentary parts (that is, separate pages or page arrays) of books or documents.
- Make sure file size does not exceed 200-250 Mb.
Step 2. Select an appropriate thematic section in the site's menu.
Files are arranged by topic / subject matter.
To look for an appropriate section, you may start with the main page, or consult the site map.
If you have a problem understanding Russian titles, the best solution may be to use some online translator to help you.
Alternatively, you may always choose the Miscellaneous section, from where the file may be moved to a more appropriate location at any time.
If you can find no matching section for your file, upload the to the closest matching root section, or, failing that, to Miscellaneous.
Note that the site's catalogue is subdivided into two large parts, titled Файлы (Files) and Библиотека (Library).
The sections under Файлы are intended for materials that are relevant to educational and/or research activities.
The sections under Библиотека are intended for everything else acceptable.
Step 3. The Upload form: describing yor file
Once you've chosen the right section, find the green + Добавить файл (Add file) button at the top left.
If a section does not have one, this means you will have to upload to one of its subsections.
Click it and you'll see the file upload form.
The essenial fields to fill out are:
Тип (Type). Choose "Другое" (Other) by default.
Заголовок (Title). Requires author name and title of the work being uploaded.
Author name must go in reverse order (surname first, personal name second). This is necessary for appropriate alphabetical listing.
Author name and book title must be separated by a dot (.) No hyphens, etc.
If the material has no author, you will have to state this in the "Description" field, see below.
Описание (Description):
Here, you will have to provide the following parts, and preferably in exactly that order:
1) Metadata.
For books/periodicals/articles: Official editorial data.
At least publishing house\company name, year of publication, and number of pages are required.
ISBNs are welcome but optional.
If a book has more than two ISBNs, it is recommended that you place them towards the end of the description.
For student papers and unpublished materials: All of the metadata available, such as:
- educational institution;
- city/country;
- year of creation;
- number of pages.
If the document has no recoverable metadata at all, you will have to explicitly state this.
2) An overview of the book's contents, and\or
3) The book's table of contents.
These parts may be copied and pasted from the document itself, or from any other online source they may be available at.
You may as well write an overview of the file on your own, but make sure it is not opinionated. This applies to copied and pasted texts as well.
Please note that:
- In the tables of contents, no chapter\paragraph\etc. numbering is allowed, and neither are page numbers.
- CAPITALIZED case is not allowed, with the obvious exception of acronyms and Roman numbers, as well as possible special cases where it is meaningful.
The latter applies to the Title field as well.
However, don't remove the entire text just because it contains the undesired symbols - just clear it of them.
There exist online services that allow to quickly convert capitalized case into regular, such as convertcase.net.
You may use bold and italic types to highlight section/chapter titles.
— Why so complicated?
It is impossible to have a file preview (save for the automatically generated first page screenshot).
Therefore, a clean and detailed description is vital for a potential downloader to decide if the file is worth spending precious points on.
Step 4. The Upload form: uploading the file
Once you're done with the description, hit the blue "Выберите файл" (Choose File) button and select the file on your computer.
Uploading will start immediately.
Its duration depends on file size; in case your file is a large one, please be patient and don't leave or refresh page.
Wait unitil the glossy blue upload indicator disappears and a line is shown that reads:
Файл yourfilename.pdf успешно загружен. Не забудьте нажать кнопку "Добавить файл"
["File yourfilename.pdf has been successfuly uploaded. Don't forget to hit the Add File button".]
That done, hit the green "Добавить файл" (Add File) button and wait until a standard file page is generated. Once it is, the file is uploaded.
A newly uploaded file has no image on the file page. An empty box will appear in its place
For pdf's and djvu's, a screenshot of the file's first page will be generated within approximately half an hour; same for those fb2's that have cover images as their first pages; for doc's and rtf's, the image may or may not appear.
Note that in all cases, this will be the image of the file's first page, whether it's the cover or not.
If you wish for the book's cover to be shown on the file page, you may upload its cover image thus:
Click on "редактировать" (Edit File) below the title and file edit form will open.
Find a large blue button that reads "Изменить обложку" (Replace cover) and click a smaller gray button Выберите файл (Choose file) above it.
Select a cover image file on your hard drive (important: must be a jp(e)g, gif, png or tif(f) no smaller than 320x240, and in high quality).
As image file name appears next to the gray button, hit the large blue one Изменить обложку.
If the material has no cover at all, please do not use random images instead of it.
Step 5. Waiting for approval
We premoderate the newly uploaded files before they become visible to the public and available for download.
That means your file will have to wait to be reviewed by a moderator or a trusted user.
It may take a few hours to a few days, depending on the section.
Again, just be patient.
In the Личный кабинет, there's going to be a line that reads
NN выложенных файлов. Они ожидают проверки
(NN files uploaded, pending review), or
NN файлов, из которых N ожидают проверки
(NN files uploaded, of which N pending review), where NN and N stand for an actual number of files.
The NN is clickable so you can always check trough a complete list of your uploaded files and see if they are still pending review (title and description preview in pale type) or approved (those in regular, "black" type).
Once the file is approved:
- it is shown on the list of your uploaded files (accessible via your profile page) and in the file section you've uploaded it to;
- it is available for download, and accordingly will be earning you points as soon as someone else downloads it.
Resolving issues
Should you see that an upload of yours on the list under NN is displayed in red type, that means the reviewer sees a problem with your description.
Most commonly, this happens when one or more of the requirements outlined above are not met:
1) The description is insufficient (metadata and/or overview of contents are missing).
2) The description is messy to the point of unreadability and/or contains undesired symbols, such us paragraph numbering, text in Caps, or some "garbage"-type symbols resulting from poor text recognition.
3) The file is a double of an existing one. Check the file page for comments containing a link to the older copy's page.
4) The file does not comply with the requirements outlined under Step 1.
When a file is marked for issues, a large pinkish banner appears below the description, displaying a standard text that outlines the nature of the issue. A copy of said text is sent to your email.
Any file marked for issues is thereby set to be automatically deleted within 7 days.
Issues of the types 1 and 2 are supposed to be fixed by you; to do so, click on the link
Редактировать название и описание
(Edit title and description)
to get to the edit form.
As soon as you save your edits, the file will go back to the "pending approval or decline" category to wait to be reviewed again.
Issues of the type 3 and 4 presuppose no reaction on your part, since they mean the file itself, and not just the description, is unacceptable for the site.
All you have is to wait for it to be deleted. This is going to happen within 5 days.
If you are sure you did observe all of the above and/or can't figure out what exactly is wrong with your file, ask a question at the file page. Should you not get a reply, ask elsewhere, for example in the site FAQ's comments section; but in that case, please provide a direct link to the file page in your comments.
Related matters
— I cannot find the «Добавить файл» link in a section. What do I do?
This is because uploads to the root section are undesired and blocked.
You will have to choose a subsection that matches best.
— I've uploaded my file to a wrong section. How do I change it?
Click on Редактировать название и описание to get to the edit form.
The form includes a field Раздел which shows the current location of the file.
Through it, you may submit a request for relocation.
To do that:
1) Erase the current section name in said field and type/paste the title of the appropriate section in the field.
2) As you do that, a tab will appear below the field, displaying the existent matching section name.
Make sure you click on it as it appears, and the new section name is now showing in the Раздел field.
3) Then click Сохранить.
A correction request for the file will be generated automatically and wait to be reviewed by a moderator or a trusted user.
This may take up to several days, please be patient.
As soon as it is approved, the file will move to the right section.
How do I submit correction requests for someone else's files?
As you navigate the site, you may come across ones that have errors in their descriptions.
Those may be:
- typos/spelling errors;
- anything that doesn't comply with the site's file description rules;
- lacking info;
- files not matching their sections.
You may earn 10 to 40 points by fixing those errors.
To do that:
1) Scroll down the file page to see a text paragraph titled "Нашли ошибку в описании?" (Found an error in the description)?
2) Click on the clickable line Предложить исправления (Suggest fixes) within that paragraph to get to the correction form.
It looks much like the edit form that is available for your own files.
3) Edit the text to remove the errors you've noticed.
4) To suggest relocation for the file, follow the same steps as outlined above (under I've uploaded my file to a wrong section. How do I change it?)
5) Click on the blue Предложить исправления button.
6) Wait for your suggestion to be reviewed by a moderator or a trusted user.
This may take a while (and possibly even longer than waiting for an uploaded file to be reviewed), yet most suggestions do get reviewed within a week.
Your suggestions may be either approved or rejected.
Please note that if the correction is only partly right and partly wrong, the reviewer may choose to reject it.


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