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Страноведение англоговорящих стран / Country Studies of English-speaking Nations

Elliott & Thompson Limited, 2018. — 191 p. — ISBN 10 1783964006, 13 978-1783964000. From Monte Carlo to Shanghai, Bikini to Samarra, Around the World in 80 Words is a whimsical voyage through the far-flung reaches of the English language. What makes a place so memorable that it survives for ever in a word? In this captivating round-the-world jaunt, Paul Anthony Jones reveals the...
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Oval Books, 2008. — 104 p. — (Xenophobe's Guides). — ISBN 10 1906042292, 13 978-1906042295. "Never overstep the mark "Moderationa treasured idealmeans a lot to the English. Their respect for it is reflected in their shared dislike of any person who goes too far. "Irrational rationality" The English can admire something without enjoying it, or enjoy something they suspect is...
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Oval Books, 2008. — 95 p. — (Xenophobe's Guides). — ISBN 10 1906042470, 13 978-1906042479. "Innate instincts" A Scotsman likes to feel that, almost by instinct, he could guddle a trout (palm it out of the water) or gralloch a deer (disembowel it with his knife), even if he spends his day driving a bus or designing software. "A kilty cover-up" If the Scots were to shed their...
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Oval Books, 2008. — 88 p. — (Xenophobe's Guides). — ISBN 10 1906042519, 13 978-1906042516. "Welsh willfulness" The Welsh are stubbornvery, very stubborn. The Welsh themselves would probably rather say tenacious, but to anyone on the receiving end a better description might well be bloody-minded. "Proud and proud of it""Welsh pride is real pridethe sort of mindless, instinctive,...
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U.S. Department of State, Bureau of International Information Programs, 2010. — 82 p. ISBN (ePub) 978-1-622-39892-8. The Poetry of Bridges by David Bottoms Good Old Baltimore by Jonathan Yardley Ghosts by Carlo Rotella Chicago Aquamarine by Stuart Dybek Houston: Experimental City by Fritz Lanham Dreamland by Jonathan Kellerman Sleepwalking in Memphis by...
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