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Страноведение англоговорящих стран / Country Studies of English-speaking Nations

Black Cat, 2004. Audio-файлы к книге Halloween...Magic, Witches and Vampires by Kelly Reinhart. What are the origins of Halloween? Do witches and ghosts exist today? Do vampires and warevolves still haunt the night? Find out this and much, much more in this exciting book. Find out what Americans do on Halloween night! There's even a special section on making your own...
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Black Cat, 2012. Why is the World Learning English? Australia and New Zealand. Southern Africa. Eastern and Western Africa. The USA and Canada. Island English. India and Pakistan. Dossiers: Aboriginal Australians. Real Pirates of the Caribbean.
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Blаck Cаt, 2011. — 95 pages. — (Reading & Training — Discovery) Level: Pre-intermediate (B1.1). Некоторые слова и выражения объясняются в комментариях-сносках. С упражнениями. ‘The British Isles’ is a geographical description. We use it to describe England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, including both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. In other words the British...
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Вlасk Саt, 1998. — 60 раgеs. — (Grееn Аррlе) Некоторые слова объясняются в комментариях-сносках, некоторые иллюстрированы картинками. С разнообразными упражнениями. The Origins of Halloween. Stonehenge and the Druids. Halloween Day. A Halloween Party. Halloween Night. How to make a Jack o'Lantern. Witches. Ghosts. Magic Signs and Talismans. Vampires and Werewolves....
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Вlасk Саt, 2004. — 128 pages. — (Green Apple) Книга по страноведению Британии и США. Британские и американские праздники. Много иллюстраций, разнообразные упражнения, некоторые слова объясняются в комментариях-сносках. Columbus Day: Who was Christopher Columbus? Celebrating Columbus Day. Halloween: The Origins of Halloween. Celebrating Halloween Today. Make a...
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Коллектив авторов 700 headwords Stage 2 Publisher: Oxford Publication date: 2008 Number of pages: 32 Format / Quality: PDF, MP3 In English-speaking countries around the world people celebrate Easter, Valentine's Day, Christmas, and other special days. Some celebrations are new, like Remembrance Day and Mother's Day; others, like the summer solstice, go back thousands of...
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