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Издательство CRC Press, 2012, -342 pp. Video surveillance is the area of computer science devoted to real-time acquisition, processing, and management of videos coming from cameras installed in public and private areas, in order to automatically understand events happening at the monitored sites, eventually sending up an alarm. Because of the rapidly increasing number of...
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Focal Press, 2001. — 244 p. This book completely revises the earlier book entitled MPEG-2. It is an interesting insight into the rate at which this technology progresses that this book was in preparation only a year after MPEG-2 was first published. The impetus for the revision is, of course, MPEG-4 which is comprehensively covered here. The opportunity has also been taken to...
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2nd Edition. — Focal Press, 2004. — 451 pp. This book adds some material to the first edition which in turn completely revised the earlier book entitled MPEG-2 . It is an interesting reflection on the rate at which this technology progresses that these frequent revisions are necessary. Perhaps after H.264 one could say that all the key work has been done and thereafter progress...
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