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O'Reilly Media, 2016. — 318 p. — ISBN 10 1491925809. — ISBN 13 978-1491925805. High-quality images have an amazing power of attraction. Just add some stunning photos and graphics to your website or app and watch your user engagement and conversion numbers climb. It can be tricky, but with this practical guide, you’ll master the many facets of delivering high performance images...
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2nd Revised edition. — Packt Publishing, 2015. — 216 p. — ISBN-13: 978-1-78588-983-7. Extract and analyze data from complex images with ImageJ, the world's leading image processing toolAbout This BookDesign automated image-processing solutions and speed up image-processing tasks with ImageJ Create quality and intuitive interfaces for image processing by developing a basic...
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Morgan & Claypool, 2019. — 128 p. — ISBN 1681734931. At the 2016 IEEE VIS Conference in Baltimore, Maryland, a panel of experts from the Scientific Visualization (SciVis) community gathered to discuss why the SciVis component of the conference had been shrinking significantly for over a decade. As the panelists concluded and opened the session to questions from the audience, Annie...
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Packt Publishing, 2013. — 126 p. — ISBN 978-1-78328-395-8. Digital image processing is an increasingly important field across a vast array of scientific disciplines. ImageJ’s long history and ever-growing user base makes it a perfect candidate for solving daily tasks involving all kinds of image analysis processes. Image Processing with ImageJ is a practical book that will guide...
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