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2nd Revised edition. — Packt Publishing, 2015. — 216 p. — ISBN-13: 978-1-78588-983-7. Extract and analyze data from complex images with ImageJ, the world's leading image processing toolAbout This BookDesign automated image-processing solutions and speed up image-processing tasks with ImageJ Create quality and intuitive interfaces for image processing by developing a basic...
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Amazon Digital Services LLC, 2017. — 386 p. — ASIN B071JTLYL4. Creating Procedural Artworks with Processing – A Holistic Guide, is for those seeking to learn computer programming from the very basics to the more advanced concepts. It uses Processing language (processing.org) to visualise the concepts through the production of computer graphics that illustrate the coding principles...
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Packt Publishing, 2013. — 126 p. — ISBN 978-1-78328-395-8. Digital image processing is an increasingly important field across a vast array of scientific disciplines. ImageJ’s long history and ever-growing user base makes it a perfect candidate for solving daily tasks involving all kinds of image analysis processes. Image Processing with ImageJ is a practical book that will guide...
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Packt Publishing, 2018. — 310 p. — ISBN 1788295625. Learn how to model and train advanced neural networks to implement a variety of Computer Vision tasks. Deep learning has shown its power in several application areas of Artificial Intelligence, especially in Computer Vision. Computer Vision is the science of understanding and manipulating images, and finds enormous applications...
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Amazon Digital Services LLC, 2017. — 72 p. — ISBN 1521404291. An introduction to the Network Based Method concept regarding the spectral unmixing of hyperspectral images. Bringing together several years of research performed in the unmixing domain, the readers can understand the principles behind the theory of the NBM framework and corresponding algorithms. A comprehensive...
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