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Культурные растения и основы интродукции

Сборники и серии

ABC-Clio, 2013. — 1308 p. This encyclopedia contains a small sample of cultivated plants—the editor has chosen 282 plants to represent the estimated 35,000 cultivated plants from around the world. Of the 150 species cultivated for human and animal food, 30 provide 95 percent of the calories and protein eaten, and these 30 are included in this work. The rest of the entries are...
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Garland Publishing, 1981. — xx+355 p. — ISBN 0-8240-7231-6. According to Webster, an encyclopedia is a book or set of books giving information on all or many branches of knowledge generally in articles alphabetically arranged. To the horticulturist or grower of plants, such a work is indispensable and one to be kept close at hand for frequent reference. The appearance of The New...
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Grijalbo, 1989. — 254 p. Excelente guía para conocer la historia y las propiedades de las frutas, verduras y plantas más conocidas, así como sus métodos de uso y aplicaciones medicinales. Incluye preciosas fotografías a todo color para ver estas magníficas plantas en toda su belleza.
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