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История Финикии и Карфагена

Wofford College, 2016. — 88 p. The story of the mercenary armies of Carthage is one of incompetence and disaster, followed by clever innovation. It is a story not just of battles and betrayal, but also of the interactions between dissimilar peoples in a multiethnic army trying to coordinate, fight, and win, while commanded by a Punic officer corps which may or may not have been...
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Kansas, Fort Leavenworth, 1998. — 161 p. This study reviews the life, battles, and campaigns of the Carthaginian General Hannibal while attempting to illustrate the leadership values and primary characteristics of Hannibal that contributed to his success on the battlefield. Hannibal won extraordinary victories against his opponents (primarily Romans), and usually against...
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Georgia State University, 2016. — 80 p. This thesis seeks to investigate the short- and long-term socio-economic impact of the First Punic War (264-241 BC) on Carthage and its people. It will do so by exploring three parts of the Carthaginian political and socio-economic system during the fourth through the second centuries BCE. The first is its navy, and specifically the costs –...
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Автореферат диссертации на соискание ученой степени кандидата исторических наук. — Санкт-Петербург: Институт восточных рукописей РАН, 2011. — 41 с. Специальность: 07.00.03 – Всеобщая история (древний мир). Научный руководитель: докт. ист. наук, проф. Циркин Ю.Б. Цель исследования. В настоящей работе предлагается на основе комплексного анализа источников представить...
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