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Этнография и этнология народов Америки

Madeira Park: Douglas and McIntyre Ltd., 2019. — xiii, 386 p. — ISBN 9781771622196. Being Chinese in Canada is also a personal story. Dere dedicated himself to the head tax redress campaign for over two decades. His grandfather and father each paid the five-hundred-dollar head tax, and the 1923 Chinese Immigration Act separated his family for thirty years. Dere tells of his family...
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Skyhorse, 2009. — 240 p. Crafts and Skills of Native Americans is a fascinating, practical guide to the skills that have made Native American famous worldwide as artisans and craftsmen. Readers can replicate traditional Native American living by trying a hand at brain tanning, identifying animal tracks, or constructing a horse saddle. Readers can even make distinctive Native...
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