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Second edition. — Leiden: Sidestone Press, 2009. — 252 pp. — (PhD Thesis, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands). — ISBN 978-90-8890-023-5. In 1979 the by now classic work on the pottery of the TRB West group of Jan Albert Bakker was published. In his book Bakker deals with the research history and typochronology of the TRB pottery. Also he gives a detailed account of the...
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Lodz: Katedra Archeologii Uniwersytetu Lodzkiego, 1995. — 187 str. — ISBN 83-905133-0-7. "Prezentowana praca jest efektem ponad dwudziestu lat moich studiow nad krzemieniarstwem spolecznosci lowiecko-zbierackich i wczesnorolniczych obszaru Kujaw. Zasadniczyrn jej celem, obok charakterystyki krzernieniarstwa wymienionych spolecznosci, jest wlaczenie zrodel krzemiennych do...
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Amsterdam: Amsterdams Archaeologisch Centrum van der Universiteit, 2011. — 92 pp. — (Kroon-Vordaacht 13). — ISBN 978-90-817066-1-2. Why and from which date were megalithic graves built on the North Central European lowlands and in Southern Scandinavia? How can the different phases of monumental development be explained for the addressed area? Why did this tradition cease after...
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Łódż: Instytut Archeologii Uniwersitetu Łódzkiego, 2011. — 251 с. — ISBN 978-83-933586-1-8. The aim of this dissertation is to show the processes connected with the initiation of the tradition of megalithic monuments being built in the TRB culture (German: Trichterbecherkultur). The presented study consists of five chapters. The first of them is a source basis for...
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Sidestone Press, 2006. — 134 p. — ISBN 978-90-8890-001-3. As early as the 19th century discoveries of groups of large axes puzzled those confronted with them. The fact that most were found in waterlogged places in particular formed the basis of speculation as to the nature of these objects. In this Research Master thesis, the character and significance of TRB flint axe depositions...
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