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Oxford: Archaeopress, 2012. — 329 p. — (BAR International Series 2334. Sub Series: Specific Targeted Research Project on the Formation of Europe: Prehistoric Population Dynamics and the Roots of Socio-Cultural Diversity). — ISBN 978-1-4073-0917-0. The third volume in the series looking at early Neolithic sites (Körös Culture) in the central and south-east European transect....
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Krakow-Budapeszt, Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, 2010. — 363 pp. — ISBN: 978-83-7676-045-2. Papers presented on the symposium organized by the EU project FEPRE (the formation of Europe: prehistoric population dynamics and the roots of socio-cultural diversity) Paweł Valde-Nowak. The Mesolithic in the northernmost periphery of the Carpathian Basin. Zsolt Mester, Béla...
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București: Editura Academiei Române; Suceava: Editura Karl A. Romstorfer, 2015. — 269 pp. — (Studies into South-East European Prehistory, II). — ISBN 978-973-27-2588-7; ISBN 978-606-8698-05-2. Early Neolithic site (Starčevo-Criș culture, Phase I) from Cristian I (Sibiu County, Romania) (note 1) is situated on the following geographical coordinates: 45 o 47'1'' northern latitude...
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