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Proceedings of the International Conference held at Sion (Switzerland) October 27th - 30th, 2011. — Oxford: Archaeopress, 2014. — 336 pp. — ISBN 978-1-78491-024-2. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the megalithic necropolis of Petit-Chasseur in Sion (Valais, Switzerland), an international conference was organised from the 27th to the 29th of October 2011...
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Proceedings of the International Conference held at the Cantonal Archaeological Museum, Sion (Switzerland), October 4th - 7th 2001. — Oxford: Archaeopress, 2004. — 205 pp. — (BAR International Series, 1284). — ISBN 1-84171-637-5. One of the most interesting and intriguing of the cultural complexes is that of the Bell Beaker Complex, particularly in the light of its wide...
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Z udziałem Elżbiety Haduch i Antonína Přichystala. — Kraków: Instytut Archeologii i Etnologii PAN, 2010. — ss. 247, [8]: il., mapy. — ISBN 978-83-923556-5-6. Aktualny stan badań nad kulturą pucharów dzwonowatych w Małopolsce pozwala klarownie wyznaczyć cele prezentowanego opracowania. Przede wszystkim chcemy w nim jak najpełniej przedstawić wszystkie odkryte dotychczas w...
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Proceedings of the XVII UISPP World Congress (1–7 September, Burgos, Spain). Volume 6 / Session B36 — Oxford: Archaeopress, 2016. — 156 pp. — ISBN 978-1-78491-307-6. The Bell Beaker phenomenon is one of the most fascinating horizons in European Later Prehistory, due to its vast geographical distribution, the intrinsic value of some of the artefacts comprising the Beaker...
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Oxford: Archaeopress, 2006. — 242 p. — (BAR International Series, 1470). — ISBN 1-84171-906-4. (Отсутствуют рисунки). This book aims at synthesizing the available archaeological evidence for the Bell Beaker phenomenon, a large archaeological culture which extends from Ireland to Poland and from southern Scandinavia to northern Maghreb, mostly during the second part of the 3rd...
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Białystok: Muzeum Podlaskie w Białymstoku, 2015. — 336 p. — ISBN 978-83-87026-48-6. (на польск. и англ. яз.) For decades, the Podlachian region remained on the margin of interest among archaeologists researching the Neolithic and the Early Bronze Age. It was a consequence of the belief that the territory located at the border of the forest zone of Eastern Europe, being in a way...
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