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Pittsburgh, PA: Carnegie Museum of Natural History, 1963. — 315 p. — (Annals of Carnegie Museum, Vol. 37). No remains of prehistoric man in the eastern United States have excited the imagination and interest of laymen and scientists alike more than the great burial mounds and earthworks now known to belong to the Adena and the Hopewell cultures in the Ohio Valley. Speculations as...
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R. Hamilton, 2007. — 142 p. Douglas Ross Hamilton is author of several books including The Mystery of the Serpent Mound, A Tradition of Giants, Wonders and Mysteries of the Great Serpent Mound , and his newest Star Mounds: Legacy of a Native American Mystery . He also volunteers at Serpent Mound as both interpreter and tour guide and has been studying the mysteries of the Ohio...
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Washington: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1953. — 83 p. — (Smithsonian Institution. Bureau of American Ethnology. Bulletin 151; Anthropological Papers, No. 40). Through the cooperation of the Smithsonian Institution and the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co., one of the few remaining earth mounds of the Adena culture on the Ohio River was excavated at Natrium, W. Va., during December...
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The University Press of Kentucky, 1959. — 80 p. Fifty-five burials with their accompanying artifacts were uncovered during the excavation of the Dover Mound, located in Mason County, Kentucky, yielding new data on the cultural group known as the Adena which is reported in detail by the authors.
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