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Археология Американского континента

Modern Library, 2002. — 352 p. — (Modern Library Paperbacks). — ISBN 978-0-307-56571-6. J. M. Adovasio has spent the last thirty years at the center of one of our most fiery scientific debates: Who were the first humans in the Americas, and how and when did they get there? At its heart, The First Americans is the story of the revolution in thinking that Adovasio and his fellow...
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Pantheon, 2018. — 288 p. From the author of Apocalyptic Planet comes a vivid travelogue through prehistory, that traces the arrival of the first people in North America at least twenty thousand years ago and the artifacts that tell of their lives and fates. In Atlas of a Lost World , Craig Childs upends our notions of where these people came from and who they were. How they got...
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