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Орнитофауна Западной и Центральной Европы

HarperCollins Distribution Services, 1976. — 416 p. — ISBN-13: 978-0002194051. Leslie Brown's account of our 15 resident, 7 vagrant and 2 migrant species of eagles, falcons, hawks and vultures in Britain presents a great mass of scientific information about our birds of prey in a manner as attractive to the general reader as to the dedicated ornithologist. This edition is...
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William Collins, 2017. - 1556 p. The effects of modern agricultural practices on the countryside and its wildlife are strikingly evident to every naturalist. During the latter half of the 20th century, a revolution in farming occurred, bringing a heavy dependence on synthetic fertilisers and pesticides. At the same time, farming became much more mechanised, science-based and large...
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New Naturalist/Collins, 2014. - 432 p. Owls have always featured prominently in the mythology and folklore of a variety of cultures. These mysterious nocturnal creatures are thought to be symbols of wisdom, omens of death, and bringers of prophecy. In fact, owls are one of the oldest species of vertebrate animal, with fossils dating back 60 million years. Owls have been a source...
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