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Ninth Printing Edition. — Island Heritage Pub, 1983. — 72 p. — ISBN-13 978-0896102828. Bird Life in Hawaii has been the definitive work on Hawaiian birds since the publication of the first edition in 1972. Since that time, a new endemic genus has been discovered on Maui and many new exotic species have become established. Much more effort also has been expended on the study of...
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Freenville, DE: Delaware Museum of Natural History, 1976. — 244 p. — ISBN 0-913176-04-4. Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, the Marquesas — these are the names of just a few island groups that dot a vast area of the legendary and romantic South Pacific Ocean. In view of the expanding modern world, it is important that someone record the present ornithological status of these islands. The author...
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Mutual Publishing, 1996. — 65 p. — ISBN 1-56647-1230-6. The mid-ocean mountaintops, that we call the Hawaiian Islands, received their plants and animals as chance arrivals that could survive 2,500-mile ocean journeys from tne nearest continents. Tlie Islands' generous rainfall and balmy trade winds provided a benevolent environment for the successful few. Prom these chance...
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London: R.H. Porter, 1890. - 488 p. So long as the English tongue is spoken by Britons, and so long as they hold in honour the deeds by which the maritime glory of this country was established, so long will the name of the Sandwich Islands, almost the last discovery of the great English navigator, remain a household word. The story of the death of Captain James Cook — the...
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