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Этнография и этнология гуронов (вайандотов)

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With an Appendix Containing Earlier Published Records. — Ottawa: Government Printing Bureau, 1915. — 446 p. — (Geological Survey, Memoir 80; No. 11, Anthropological Series). The present memoir consists of Huron and Wyandot myths, tales, and traditions. While its main part embodies first-hand material, the appendix incorporates further data from early sources. The myths, tales, and...
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New York: Benchmark Books, 2001. — 128 p. — (Lifeways). — ISBN 0-7614-0940-8. Discusses the history, culture, social structure, beliefs, and customs of the Huron people, also known as the Wyandot.
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Chelsea House Publishers, 1989. — 112 p. — (Indians of North America). — ISBN 1-55546-708-3. The Huron traditionally lived in southern Ontario, Canada, an environment rich with wild game, fish, and fertile farmland. Able to grow more corn than they could use, they often traded their surplus with their Indian neighbors. In 1609 the Huron met a new trading partner—French explorer...
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Rand McNally & Company, 1928. — 167 p. These Indian myths were collected by William Elsey Connelley. They were secured from the old people of the Wyandot tribe many years ago. Mr. Connelley was adopted by the Wyandots as a mark of favor for the work he did among them. These stories have been adapted for use in the third, fourth, and fifth grades of the American public schools....
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Topeka, Kansas: Crane & Company, Publishers, 1890. — 116 p. — (Twentieth Century Classics and School Readings, Vol. 1, No. 3). "Twenty years ago, seeing that no collection of the folklore of this interesting people had ever been attempted, I began to gather and record such of it as I could find. Most of it had then been lost by the tribe. This will not seem strange when it is...
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Chelsea Juniors, 1995. — 80 p. — (The Junior Library of American Indians). — ISBN 0-7910-2489-X. The Huron Indians, also known as the Wendats, flourished for centuries in what is now Ontario, Canada. They were skilled farmers and traders, generous and polite with friends but fierce and warlike with their enemies. A highly spiritual people, the Hurons paid close attention to...
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Michigan State University Press, 2000. — 258 p. Wendat, or Wyandot, was the name that the five confederated nations of Wendake gave to Huronia, the Ontario territory described by the French in the 1600s. In this book, Georges Sioui, himself a Wendat, tells the history of his people by describing their social ideas and philosophy and their relevance to contemporary life. Sioui...
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Washington, U.S. Government Printing Office, 1964. — 183 p. — (Smithsonian Institution, Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin 190). In the first half of the 17th century, the Iroquoian-speaking Huron lived in an area at the southern end of Georgian Bay in the present Province of Ontario, Canada. It was there that the French visited them, some recording what they saw and thus...
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Second Edition. — Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1990. — 164 p. — (Case Studies in Cultural Anthropology). — ISBN 0-03-031689-8. The author’s aim is to reconstruct a detailed picture of Huron life in the first half of the seventeenth century. The Huron, victims of various romantic fables, have been cast as avaricious traders, as cowards, and as disorganized, in order to account for...
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