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London-NY, Zed Books, 2011. 320 p. No one in 1980 could have guessed that Zimbabwe would become a failed state on such a monumental and tragic scale. In this incisive and revealing book, Richard Bourne shows how a country which had every prospect of success when it achieved a delayed independence in 1980 became a brutal police state with hyperinflation, collapsing life...
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Palgrave Macmillan, 1998. — 225 p. — ISBN 0-333-71369-9. South Africa's Apartheid regime saw Zimbabwean independence and black majority rule in 1980 as a major threat to its interests, security and regional hegemony. John Dzimba explains how and why Pretoria sought to destabilise Zimbabwe and other front line states, examining the successes and failures of destabilisation against...
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Salisbury: Galaxie Press, 1972. — 248 p. (с илл.) Гайре Р. Истоки зимбабвийской цивилизации (на англ. яз.) Contents: Geographical Background of East Africa in Relation to Climate, Movement and Navigation. East Africa: Its Exploration and Trade with the Outside World. Mineral Resources and Plant Distribution in Relation to Settlement in Eastern Africa. Introduction to a...
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Oxford University Press, 2006. — 48 p. — (Digging for the Past). — ISBN 978-0-19-515773-4. Describes the country of Zimbabwe. Where and When. Encounters. Houses of Stone. Reading the Evidence. A Shona Empire. Interview with Martin Hall.
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Cambridge University Press, 2003. — 295 p. — (African Studies). — ISBN 978-0-521-81823-0. Zimbabwe’s guerrilla veterans have burst into the international media as the storm troopers in Mugabe’s new war of economic liberation. In this book, Norma Kriger gives the unfolding contemporary drama a historical background, and shows continuities between the present and past. Between 1980...
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Cambridge University Press, 1992. — 303 p. — (African Studies; 70). — ISBN 978-0-521-39254-9. Studies of revolution generally regard peasant popular support as a prerequisite for success. In this study of political mobilization and organization in Zimbabwe's recent rural-based war of independence, Norma Kriger is interested in the extent to which ZANU guerrillas were able to...
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London: Reex Collings, 1975. — 196 p. — SBN 901720-81-X. When Ian Smith announced that he had freed the leaders of the two outlawed Rhodesian Nationalist parties, and was prepared to negotiate with them, the reaction of most people was one of amazement. One of the factors which forced him to take this uncharacteristic action was the highly successful guerrilla war along the...
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Palgrave Macmillan, 2015. — 319 p. — (African Histories and Modernities). — ISBN 978-1-349-56713-3. What is distinctive about this book is its interdisciplinary approach towards deciphering the complex meanings of President Gabriel Mugabe of Zimbabwe making it possible to evaluate Mugabe from a historical, political, philosophical, gender, literal and decolonial perspectives. It...
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Pergamon Press, 1981. — 170 p. — ISBN 0-08-028069-2. From Rhodesia to Zimbabwe: The Politics of Transition studies the last phase of the transfer of power from illegal white minority control to freely elected majority rule in Zimbabwe. This book is divided into five chapters; the first of which describes the transition from Lusaka to Lancaster, including subtopics on the issues...
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