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Scarecrow Press, 2012. — 688 p. — ISBN 978-0810859524. This second edition of the Historical Dictionary of Eritrea spans several millennia, starting with the discovery of some of the earliest known hominid remains and continuing on to Eritrea's early encounters with Christianity (4th century) and Islam (7th century). The main focus of this book, however, is on the formation of the...
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Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2003. — 353 p. — ISBN 0-253-34205-8. In Eritrea, state, traditional, and religious laws equally prevail, but any of these legal systems may be put into play depending upon the individual or individuals involved in a legal dispute. Because of conflicting laws, it has been difficult for Eritreans to come to a consensus on what constitutes their...
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Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1945. — 188 p. It was my hope, in undertaking this history, that by its account of the past and present state of Eritrea it might not merely interest the general reader, but also assist those to whom would fall the making of decisions regarding the country’s future. This second end, however, cannot be attained with the completeness one would desire by a...
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Leiden, Boston: Brill. — 315 p. List of appendices. Acknowledgements. Glossary of foreign words. List of acronyms. Introduction. Social change and a status of women in a revolutionary. Society the context. The concept of revolution. Women and revolution in the developing world – A history of unfulfilled promises? Within the Eritrean revolution: National independence and the...
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Berghahn Books, 2009. — (Dislocations; v. 6). — ISBN 978-1-84545-567-5. Bringing together original, contemporary ethnographic research on the Northeast African state of Eritrea, this book shows how biopolitics - the state-led deployment of disciplinary technologies on individuals and population groups - is assuming particular forms in the twenty-first century. Once hailed as the...
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Trenton, NJ: The Red Sea Press, 1990. — 239 p. — ISBN 0-932415-61-X. Some political analysts believe that Eritrea, a former Italian colony on the Red Sea in the Horn of Africa, may soon raise its own flag after a bitter, three-decades old war with Ethiopia. "A rebel offensive in the Ethiopian province of Eritrea holds the prospect of creating a new country in Africa," the Boston...
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Oxford University Press, 2016. — 261 p. — ISBN 9780190669591. The most secretive, repressive state in Africa is hemorrhaging its citizens. In some months as many Eritreans as Syrians arrive on European shores, yet the country is not convulsed by civil war. Young men and women risk all to escape. Many do not survive - their bones littering the Sahara; their bodies floating in the...
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Temple University Press, 2016. — 244 p. — ISBN 978-1-4399-1270-6. A 2003 law in Eritrea, a notoriously closed-off, heavily militarized, and authoritarian country, mandated an additional year of school for all children and stipulated that the classes be held at Sawa, the nation's military training center. As a result, educational institutions were...
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М.: Географгиз, 1952. — 42 с. На африканском побережье Красного моря расположилась небольшая страна Эритрея, народы которой более полувека находились под гнетом итальянских колонизаторов. В настоящее время здесь хозяйничают английские империалисты, оккупировавшие Эритрею в начале 1941 г. Эритрея - сравнительно бедная ресурсами страна, но вследствие важности своего...
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