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Ivan R. Dee, 2007. — 399 pages. — ISBN 1566637589. "The Gentleman from San Francisco" is easily the best known of Ivan Bunin's stories and has achieved the stature of a masterpiece. But Bunin's other stories and novellas are not to be missed. Over the last several years a great many of them have been freshly and brilliantly translated by Graham Hettlinger. Together, along with...
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Ivan R. Dee Publisher, 1998. — 302 pages. — ISBN: 9781566631860. On July 30, 1925, Vera Muromtseva-Bunina, the wife of the Russian writer Ivan Bunin (who was soon to win the Nobel Prize for Literature), wrote in her diary: "Ian [her name for her husband] has torn up and burned all his diary manuscripts. I am very angry. 'I don't want to be seen in my underwear, ' he told me"....
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Hyperion Press, 1977. — 226 pages. — ISBN: 0883554801. One of the great achievements of 20th-century Russian émigré literature, Dark Avenues—the culmination of a life’s work of unrelenting challenge to Soviet dogma—took Bunin’s poetic mastery of language, eventually known for its richness as "Bunin brocade," to new heights. Written between 1938 and 1944 and set in the context of...
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Northwestern University Press, 2006. — 733 pages. — ISBN 0810114038. The first Russian to be awarded the Nobel Prize for literature, Ivan Bunin is often considered the last of the great Russian masters. Already renowned in Russia before the revolution, he fled the country in 1920 and lived the remainder of his life in France, where he continued to write for thirty years. Bunin...
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Hogarth Press, 1922. — 93 pages. Contains four stories: The Gentleman from San Francisco. Gentle Breathing. Kasimir Stanislavovitch. Son.
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Capra Press, 1989. — 195 pages. Thirty-two stories deal with sexual passion, the impermanence of love, the enigma of life, and the connection between love and death.
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