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Feedaread, 2013. — 328 p. Autumn 83 AD. At the battle of Mons Graupius the Roman army led by Governor Agricola destroys the Caledonian confederation that has formed to oppose the Roman invasion. In the aftermath of the battle a Caledonian boy reveals a secret that has the potential to change Roman strategy in the north forever. Marcus, an auxiliary Roman cavalry soldier is ordered...
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2014. — 292 p. Spring AD 86. All is not well in the Roman province of Britannia. Fierce and swift moving Hibernian pirates and slavers are harassing the western coasts of the island province and within the upper echelons of the Roman military and civilian establishment there are rumblings of discontent against the tyrannical rule of emperor, Domitian. In the burgeoning Roman...
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Historical fiction. — 2015. — 302 p. 89 AD. On the island province of Britannia, Rome is strengthening its grip on the populous and fertile south, but in the mountainous-north rebellion, is brewing amongst the restless and unhappy tribes. Led by their druids and a high king claiming a proud lineage, the Brigantes and Caledonian tribes are willing to risk war against the might of...
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Historical fiction. — 2015. — 362 p. Winter AD 103. Marcus, veteran of twenty three years service in the 2nd Batavian Auxiliary Cohort, finally returns home to Britannia from serving with his unit on the Dacian frontier, to find that much has changed on his family farm. Fourteen years have passed since his father's murder but the wounds are still deep and painful. So when a new...
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Historical fiction. — 2016. — 313 p. Summer 105 AD. There has been no news from Marcus for over a year. On the Isle of Vectis, Marcus’s family are beginning to despair that he will ever return from his epic sea voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. At the Legionary Fortress of Deva Victrix, home of the Twentieth Legion, Marcus’s nineteen year old son, Fergus, a soldier, dreams of...
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