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Song Cí, a promising young scholar in medieval China, must give up his dream of taking the examination for imperial service when his brother is convicted of murder and his parents die in a fire. He flees his home with a sickly younger sister, tarnished by his family’s shame and forced to make a living as a gravedigger. When word spreads of his uncanny ability to “read” a corpse...
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After his grandfather dies, avid scholar and budding forensic investigator Ci Song begrudgingly gives up his studies to help his family. But when another tragedy strikes, he's forced to run and also deemed a fugitive. Dishonored, he has no choice but to accept work as a lowly gravedigger, a position that allows him to sharpen his corpse-reading skills. Soon, he can deduce whether...
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Cí, a young scholar-turned-gravedigger in medieval China, has survived enough horrors and pain to last several lifetimes. He finally has the chance to return to his studies—only to receive orders from the Imperial Court to find the sadistic perpetrator of a series of brutal murders. With lives in jeopardy, Cí finds his gruesome investigation complicated by his old loyalties—and by...
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As the months went by, Ci learned to tell the differences between accidental wounds and those brought about in an attempt to kill; among the incisions made by hatchets and daggers, kitchen knives, machetes and swords; between a murder and a suicide. Ci, a young scholar-turned-gravedigger in medieval China, has survived enough horrors and pain to last several lifetimes. He finally...
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The year is 799, and King Charlemagne awaits coronation as the Holy Roman emperor. But in the town of Würzburg, the young, willful Theresa dreams only of following in the footsteps of her scholarly father—a quiet man who taught her the forbidden pleasures of reading and writing. Though it was unthinkable for a medieval woman to pursue a career as a craftsperson, headstrong Theresa...
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Theresa, trained to become a talented scribe, is about to take her final exam in Würzburg, Austrasia, in the 8th century. At a time when women are viewed as Eve, the first and ultimate sinner according to Christianity’s Bible, everyone but her father believes that no good will come of taking this exam, and this day turns into almost indescribable tragedy. Theresa flees the city...
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