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Packt Publishing, 2014. — 174 p. — ISBN-10 1783283572, ISBN-13: 978-1-78328-357-6. Backbone.js is a super light framework that allows you to structure your javascript codes in anMV* fashion. This framework is an excellent tool when it comes to creating an organized and modular code base for web apps of any size or complexity. Although lightweight, Backbone.js results in lots of...
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Leanpub, 2014. — 276 p. The book is up to date for Marionette 2.3. In addition, you also receive the book covering Marionette 1.7.4. Now that you've read the Gentle Introduction book and have a good grasp on Marionette fundamentals, take the next step in your journey: learn to develop advanced functionality with the framework! This book takes up where the Marionette introduction...
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Leanpub, 2013. — 122 p. — ISBN: n/a. На англ. языке. Due to popular demand from well-received previous book on Marionette ( Backbone.Marionette.js: A Gentle Introduction ), author have taken the Contact Manager application developed in that book and rebuilt it using RequireJS to load dependencies. Who This Book is For: Essentially, this book is written as a sequel of...
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