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Fisher R. Hypermedia image processing reference

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The Hypermedia Image Processing Reference (HIPR) is a multimedia teaching resource for image processing operations and techniques, extensively illustrated with online digitized images. Bound together in hypermedia format on CD for easy browsing, searching and cross-referencing, the package provides tutorial information on 50 of the most common classes of image processing operations. These are described in a series of worksheets, cross-linked with a comprehensive glossary of concepts, a complete image index and subject index. Individual worksheets discuss each image processing operation in detail, giving guidelines on its use and illustrating, with before-and-after images, the typical good and poor results of a variety of techniques for transforming or processing a "raw" image (such as a photograph or video camera shot) by computerized processing.
A key feature of HIPR is its large library of good-quality example source images (about 250) and output images (about 500) which students can refer to and use as test images for experimentation. The images can be imported for further processing into any of a variety of popular interactive image processing software packages (HIPR includes tables of equivalent operators for Khoros, Visilog, Matlab and HIPS). Practical exercises are included with each worksheet.
HIPR is designed primarily as a practical supplement to the conventional textbook used by teachers and advanced undergraduate/graduate students on introductory image processing and computer vision courses — in subject areas such as computer science, electrical engineering, medical imaging, astronomy and remote sensing. as a useful online reference for image processing operations, it will also come in handy for anyone who uses image processing tools in their work. This is a time-saving resource teachers can use to prepare their practical lab work, as well as an appealing electronic learning tool for students. It is geared for easy customization to suit courses across a range of disciplines and comes with a full user guide. Postscript files of the complete text of HIPR are also provided for those who wish to print it out. Users will need access to a graphical browser such as Netscape, but HIPR is designed for multiplatform use (including PC/Windows, UNIX or Mac). HIPR, as a an HTML-based resource, is well suited for local area network use.
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