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Chessa M., Solari F., Sabatini S.P. (eds.) Machine Vision - Applications and Systems

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Chessa M., Solari F., Sabatini S.P. (eds.) Machine Vision - Applications and Systems
Издательство InTech, 2012, -284 pp.
Vision plays a fundamental role for living beings by allowing them to interact with the environment in an effective and efficient way. The Machine Vision goal is to endow computing devices, and more generally artificial systems, with visual capabilities in order to cope with not a priori predetermined situations. To this end, we have to take into account the computing constraints of the hosting architectures and the specifications of the tasks to be accomplished. These elements lead a continuous adaptation and optimization of the usual visual processing techniques, such as ones developed in Computer Vision and Image Processing. Nevertheless, the fast development of off‐the‐shelf processors and computing devices made available to the public a large and low‐cost computational power. By exploiting this contingency, the Vision Research community is now ready to develop real‐time vision systems designed to analyze the richness of the visual signal online with the evolution of complex real‐world situations at an affordable cost. Thus the application field of Machine Vision is not more limited to the industrial environments, where the situations are simplified and well known and the tasks are very specific, but nowadays it can efficiently support system solutions of everyday life problems.
This book will focus on both the engineering and technological aspects related to visual processing.
Bio-Inspired Active Vision Paradigms in Surveillance Applications
Stereo Matching Method and Height Estimation for Unmanned Helicopter
Fast Computation of Dense and Reliable Depth Maps from Stereo Images
Real-Time Processing of 3D-TOF Data in Machine Vision Applications
Rotation Angle Estimation Algorithms for Textures and Their Implementations on Real Time Systems
Characterization of the Surface Finish of Machined Parts Using Artificial Vision and Hough Transform
Methods for Ellipse Detection from Edge Maps of Real Images
Detection and Pose Estimation of Piled Objects Using Ensemble of Tree Classifiers
Characterization of Complex Industrial Surfaces with Specific Structured Patterns
Discontinuity Detection from Inflection of Otsu’s Threshold in Derivative of Scale-Space
Reflectance Modeling in Machine Vision: Applications in Image Analysis and Synthesis
Towards the Optimal Hardware Architecture for Computer Vision
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