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Smith R.N., Pierce C. Solving general chemistry problems

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Smith R.N., Pierce C. Solving general chemistry problems
5th ed. - W. H. Freeman and Company, 1980. - 474 p
Studying and Thinking About Problems
Number Notations, Arithmetical Operations, and Calculators
Use of Dimensions
Units of Scientific Measurements
Reliability of Measurements
Graphical Representation
Density and Buoyancy
Formulas and Nomenclature
Sizes and Shapes of Molecules
Stoichiometry I . Calculations Based on Formulas
Stoichiometry II . Calculations Based on Chemical Equations
Stoichiometry III . Calculations Based on Concentrations of Solutions
Chemical Kinetics
Chemical Equilibrium in Gases
Electrochemistry I Batteries and Free Energy
Electrochemistry II Balancing Equations
Electrochemistry III Electrolysis
Stoichiometry IV Equivalent Weight and Normality
Colligative Properties
Hydrogen Ion Concentration and pH
Acid-Base Equilibria
Solubility Product and Precipitation
Complex Ions
Nuclear Chemistry
Reactions Prediction and Synthesis
Answers to Problems of the A Groups
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