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Joslin R., Miller D. (Eds.) Fundamentals and Applications of Modern Flow Control

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Joslin R., Miller D. (Eds.) Fundamentals and Applications of Modern Flow Control
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 2009, 523 pages, ISBN-10: 1563479834
Flow control technologies have been used in the past century to control fluid flows. This text presents the current state of the art in emerging modern flow control technologies and highlights the application of these technologies to aerospace platforms. Initial chapters introduce the fundamentals of modern flow control, including basic concepts, terminology, history, flow physics, actuators, sensors, modeling/simulation, and instability and control theories. Applications of flow control to current and next-generation air vehicle systems, including fixed wing airfoils, turbomachinery, combustion, aeroacoustics, vehicle propulsion integration, and rotorcraft are discussed. This text is an excellent introduction to the wide-ranging uses of modern flow control.
Brief History of Flow Control
Physical Concepts Underlying the Development and Application of Active Flow Control
Flow Control Terminology
Role of Instability Theory in Flow Control
Dynamic and Closed-Loop Control
Actuators and Sensors
Modeling and Simulation
Fixed Wing Airfoil Applications
Turbomachinery Applications
Combustion Control
Aeroacoustics of Flow Control
Air-Breathing Propulsion Flowpath Applications
Flow Control for Rotorcraft Applications
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