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Hiroyuki Aoyama. Design of modern highrise reinforced concrete structures

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Hiroyuki Aoyama. Design of modern highrise reinforced concrete structures
Imperial College Press 57 Shelton Street Covent Garden London, 2001. - 462 p. - ISBN 1-86094-239-3.
Reinforced concrete as construction material has been used for a wide range of building structures throughout the world, owing to its advantages such as versatile architecture application, low construction cost, excellent durability and easy maintenance. However, its use in seismic countries and areas in the world has been limited to lowrise or mediumrise buildings, considering inherent lack of structural safety against earthquakes. In the last several decades, highrise RC buildings finally emerged in Japan, under the increased social need of more advanced types of RC buildings. Such a new type of structures was developed with the tremendous technical efforts for new high strength material, new design method, and new construction method, backed up by vast amount
of research accomplishment.
RC Highrise Buildings in Seismic Areas
The New RC Project
New RC Materials
New RC Structural Elements
Finite Element Analysis
Structural Design Principles
Earthquake Response Analysis
Construction of New RC Structures
Feasibility Studies and Example Buildings
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