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Olajos E.J., Stopford W. (Eds.) Riot Control Agents. Issues in toxicology, safety, and health

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Olajos E.J., Stopford W. (Eds.) Riot Control Agents. Issues in toxicology, safety, and health
CRC Press, 2004 - 353 p.
The proliferation and increasing sophistication of chemical riot control agents mean that all parties need to understand the responsible use and effects of such compounds. Riot Control Agents: Issues in Toxicology, Safety, and Health provides a single, authoritative, and comprehensive body of practical information regarding the history, chemistry, biology, medical, and public health aspects of riot control agents. This unique resource describes their biological actions in humans and animals, aspects related to risk assessment, and recent technical developments. Chapters include practical information on chemical analysis, toxicology, pharmacology, risk management, and environmental issues. The authors also discuss emerging concepts, trends, and technologies in detail. This timely book presents a detailed review of the proper applications and realistic risks of riot control agents. It will be of great value to researchers, medical and public health officials, law enforcement and criminal justice personnel, and scientists interested in the biomedical and non-biomedical fields.
List of Contributors.
Introduction and Historical Perspectives.
Application and Use of Riot Control Agents.
Synthesis and Chemical Analysis of Riot Control Agents.
Biochemistry, Biological Interactions, and Pharmacokinetics of Riot Control Agents.
Riot Control Agents and Acute Sensory Irritation.
Pharmacology/Toxicology of CS, CR, CN, Formulations, Degradation Products, Carriers/Solvents, and Propellants.
Pharmacology/Toxicology of Oleoresin Capsicum, Capsaicin, and Capsaicinoids.
Chronic Toxicity of Riot Control Agents.
Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology of Riot Control Agents.
Genetic Toxicity of Riot Control Agents.
Human Exposures to Riot Control Agents.
Forensic Aspects of Riot Control Agents.
An Approach for Assessing and Characterizing Risk from the Use of Riot Control Agents.
Occupational Exposures to Riot Control Agents.
Risk Management and Public Health Considerations of Riot Control Agents.
Environmental Issues Involving Riot Control Agents.
Genomics, Proteomics, and Computational Toxicology as Future Tools in Assessing Health Hazards of Riot Control Agents.
Issues/Concerns, Needs, Emerging Concepts/Trends, and Advances in Riot Control Agents.
Definitions and Terminology.
Decontamination and Medical Management after Exposures to Riot Control Agents.
Table of Riot Control Agent Formulations.
Subject Index.
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