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Bloomer J.J. Practical Fluid Mechanics for Engineering Applications

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Bloomer J.J. Practical Fluid Mechanics for Engineering Applications
Marcel Dekker, Inc., New York, Basel, 2000. — XX, 392 p. — (Mechanical Engineering) — ISBN 0-8247-9575-X.
When Jim Murdock first approached me about the idea for this book, I was impressed. It seemed to me that a book covering the practical side of fluid mechanics would be ideal for the practicing engineer. Jim asked me to become a coauthor of the project, but unfortunately he passed away before we began work. I inherited a partially completed manuscript that was based on his earlier introductory book on the subject, Fundamental Fluid Mechanics for the Practicing Engineer.
I completed this "stand-alone" book, trying as much as possible to keep Jim's original ideas alive. What has resulted is a book that can be used by engineers and technicians who have no memory of or no formal training in the theoretical mathematics that provides a foundation for most of today's undergraduate fluid mechanics texts. The book is designed as both a reference and a primer. Although intended for the practicing engineer, this book can also be used to augment the material covered in an undergraduate fluid mechanics class because it presents useful design procedures and many hardto-rind fluid properties.
The book is organized into eight chapters. Chapters 1 3 present intro ductory definitions, equations, and derivations that are useful for the material that follows. The material can be used to refresh the reader's knowledge in a particular area or it may be skipped and referred to later as questions arise. Chapters 4-8, the heart of the book, cover subjects such as pipe flow and system design, flow in open channels, flow measurement methods, forces on immersed objects, and unsteady flow. Over 50 fully solved examples are given to illustrate each concept. The examples are solved in the U.S. Customary System (USCS) of units, with conversions provided for use with the System International (SI) units.
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