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Sajwan Kenneth S. (Eds.) et al. Coal Combustion Byproducts and Environmental Issues

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Sajwan Kenneth S. (Eds.) et al. Coal Combustion Byproducts and Environmental Issues
Kenneth S. Sajwan Irena Twardowska Tracy Punshon Ashok K. Alva. — Springer Science+Business Media, Inc., 2006, XIV, 242 p. — ISBN:978-0-387-25865-2.
Coal Combustion Byproducts and Environmental Issues addresses the major implications and critical issues surrounding coal combustion products and their impact upon the environment. It provides essential information for scientists conducting research on coal and coal combustion products, but also serves as a valuable reference for a wide variety of researchers and other professionals in the energy industry and in the fields of public health, engineering, and environmental sciences. The ultimate goal of this volume is to benefit both our economy and our environment as humanity enters the second half of the fossil fuel era.
Production of Coal Combustion Products and Their Potential Uses.- Coal and Coal Combustion Byproducts: Prospects for Future and Environmental Issues.- Alternative By-Products of Coal Combustion and Simultaneous SO2/SO3/NOx Treatment of Coal Fired Flue Gas: Approach to Environmentally Friendly Use of Low- Rank Coal.- Fly Ash as Sealing Material for Spontaneous Combustion and Acid Rock Drainage Prevention and Control.- Delineation of Water and Sediment Contamination in a River Near a Coal Ash Pond in Orissa, India.- Prediction of Coal Ash Leaching Behavior in Acid Mine Water: Comparison of Laboratory and Field Studies.- Occurrence and Sorption of Radionuclides Onto Coal-Fired Power Plant Combustion Waste.- Heavy Metals Adsorption and Their Distribution in Three Soil Types of India: Effect of Coal Fly Ash and Sewage Sludge Amendment.- Impact of Grassed Swales on the Fate of Metals Leached from Roads Built with Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Bottom Ashes.- Removal of Mercury from Aqueous Streams of Fossil Fuel Power Plants Using Novel Functionalized Nonoporous Sorbents.- Leachability of Trace Metals from Sandy or Rockey Soils Amended with Coal fly Ash.- Arsenic and Selenium Speciation in Aged Flue Gas Desulfurization.- Trace Elements Transport in Putting Green Root Mixes Amended by Coal Combustion Products (CCP).- Solute Leaching from Fly Ash Amended Soils Under Varying Degrees of Saturation.- Solution Geochemistry Gradients in an Acid Mine Drainage Wetland Substrate.- Removal of Trace Elements from Aqueous System: Comparison of Two Fly Ash Materials.- Transport and Plant Uptake of Zn in an Oxyaquic Haplustalf Amendment with Coal Ash and Sewage Sludge: A Field Study.- Influence of Fly Ash and Other Amendments on Leaching of Soil Nutrients and Metals from a Calcareous Soil.- Amendment of Fly Ash to Container Substrates for Ornamental Plant Production.- Influence and Coal Combustion Flue Gas Desulfurization Waste on Element Uptake by Maize (Zea mays L.).- Amelioration of Soil Acidity with a Class-C Fly Ash: A Field study.- Phytoavailability of Trace Elements from a Landfill Containing Coal Combustion Waste.- Potential Uses of Fluidized Bed Boiler Ash (FBA) as a Limning Material, Soil Conditioner and Sulphur Fertilizer.- Potential of Fly Ash and Organic Wastes for Uses as Amendments to Agricultural Soils: A Review.- Evaluation of Bahiagrass (Paspalum notatum) as a Vegetative Cover for a Landfill Containing Coal Combustion Waste.
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