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Baukal C.E., Jr., Zink J. Industrial Combustion Pollution and Control

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Baukal C.E., Jr., Zink J. Industrial Combustion Pollution and Control
Marcel Dekker, Inc., 2004. 890 p. ISBN:0-8247-4694-5
This reference overflows with an abundance of experimental techniques, simulation strategies, and practical applications useful in the control of pollutants generated by combustion processes in the metals, minerals, chemical, petrochemical, waste, incineration, paper, glass, and foods industries. The book assists engineers as they attempt to meet emerging environmental regulations and decrease combustion-induced pollutants in the modern industrial era. Brimming with more than 1300 references and 750 tables, figures, and illustrations, Industrial Combustion Pollution and Control reduces theory and provides a wide spectrum of schemes useful for system construction and planning.
Fundamentals of Combustion and Emissions
Some Combustion Fundamentals
Combustion Systems
Computer Modeling
Source Testing and Monitoring
Nitrogen Oxides (NOx)
Unburned Combustibles
Sulfur Oxides (SOx)
Noise and Vibration
Other Pollutants
Pollution from Burners
Metals Industries
Minerals Industries
Chemicals Industries
Waste Incineration
Other Industries
Appendix A: Reference Sources for Further Information
Appendix B: Common Conversions
Appendix C: Methods of Expressing Mixture Ratios for CH4, C3H8, and H2
Appendix D: Flame Properties for CH4, C3H8, H2, and CH4/H2 Blends
Appendix E: Fluid Dynamics Equations
Appendix F: Gas Properties
Appendix G: EPA Sample Methods
Appendix H: EPA Performance Specifications
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