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Sadka A.H. Compressed Video Communications

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Sadka A.H. Compressed Video Communications
Издательство John Wiley, 2002, -289 pp.
This book examines the technologies underlying the compression and transmission of digital video sequences over networking platforms. The incorporated study covers a large spectrum of topics related to compressed video communications. It presents to readers a comprehensive and structured analysis of the issues encountered in the transmission of compressed video streams over networking environments. This analysis identifies the problems impeding the progress of compressed video communication technologies and impairing the quality of networked video services; it also presents a wide range of solutions that would help in the quality optimisation of video communication services. The book is a unique reference in which the author has combined the discussions of several topics related to digital video technology such as compression, error resilience, rate control, video transmission over mobile networks and transcoding. All the techniques, algorithms, tools and mechanisms connected to the provision of video communication services are explained and analysed from the application layer down to the transport and network layers. The description of these technologies is accompanied by a large number of video subjective and objective results in order to help graduate students, engineers and digital video researchers make the best understanding of the presented material and build a comprehensive view on the progress of this rather fertile and exciting field of technology. A number of video clips have also been prepared and put at the disposal of readers on the supplementary CD in order to back up the results depicted and conclusions reached within the book chapters.
Overview of Digital Video Compression Algorithms
Flow Control in Compressed Video Communications
Error Resilience in Compressed Video Communications
Video Communications Over Mobile IP Networks
Video Transcoding for Inter-network Communications
A Layering syntax of ITU-T H.263 video coding standard
B Description of the video clips on the supplementary CD
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