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Bes D. Quantum Mechanics: A Modern and Concise Introductory Course

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Bes D. Quantum Mechanics: A Modern and Concise Introductory Course
3rd Edition. — Springer, 2012. — 298 p. — (Graduate Texts in Physics). — ISBN: 978-3-642-20556-9, 978-3-642-42950-7, 978-3-642-20555-2.
Starting from basic principles, the book covers a wide variety of topics, ranging from Heisenberg, Schroedinger, second quantization, density matrix and path integral formulations of quantum mechanics, to applications that are (or will be) corner stones of present and future technologies. The emphasis is on spin waves, quantum information, recent tests of quantum physics and decoherence. The book provides a large amount of information without unbalancing the flow of the main ideas by laborious detail.
The Principles of Quantum Mechanics.
The Heisenberg Realization of Quantum Mechanics.
The Schrödinger Realization of Quantum Mechanics.
Motion in Angular Subspace.
Three-Dimensional Hamiltonian Problems.
Many-Body Problems.
Approximate Solutions to Quantum Problems.
Time Dependence in Quantum Mechanics.
Broken Symmetries.
Eigenvectors of the Position Operator Path Integral Formulation.
Entanglement and Experimental Tests of Quantum Mechanics.
Quantum Information.
Interpretations of Measurements. Decoherence. Density Matrix.
A Brief History of Quantum Mechanics.
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