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Cannon J., Shivamoggi B. Mathematical and Physical Theory of Turbulence

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Cannon J., Shivamoggi B. Mathematical and Physical Theory of Turbulence
Chapman & Hall/CRC, 2006. 197 p. ISBN:0824723236
Although the current dynamical system approach offers several important insights into the turbulence problem, issues still remain that present challenges to conventional methodologies and concepts. These challenges call for the advancement and application of new physical concepts, mathematical modeling, and analysis techniques. Bringing together experts from physics, applied mathematics, and engineering, Mathematical and Physical Theory of Turbulence discusses recent progress and some of the major unresolved issues in two- and three-dimensional turbulence as well as scalar compressible turbulence. Containing introductory overviews as well as more specialized sections, this book examines a variety of turbulence-related topics. The authors concentrate on theory, experiments, computational, and mathematical aspects of Navier-Stokes turbulence; geophysical flows; modeling; laboratory experiments; and compressible/magnetohydrodynamic effects. The topics discussed in these areas include finite-time singularities and inviscid dissipation energy; validity of the idealized model incorporating local isotropy, homogeneity, and universality of small scales of high Reynolds numbers, Lagrangian statistics, and measurements; and subrigid-scale modeling and hybrid methods involving a mix of Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS), large-eddy simulations (LES), and direct numerical simulations (DNS). By sharing their expertise and recent research results, the authoritative contributors in Mathematical and Physical Theory of Turbulence promote further advances in the field, benefiting applied mathematicians, physicists, and engineers involved in understanding the complex issues of the turbulence problem.
Table of Contents
A Mathematician Reflects: Banquet Remarks
Peter Hilton
Lagrangian Description of Turbulence
Gregory Falkovich
Two-Dimensional Turbulence: An Overview
George F. Carnevale
Statistical Plasma Physics in a Strong Magnetic Field: Paradigms and Problems
J.A. Krommes
Some Remarks on Decaying Two-Dimensional Turbulence
David C. Montgomery
Statistical and Dynamical Questions in Stratified Turbulence
J.R. Herring, Y. Kimura, R. James, J. Clyne, and P.A. Davidson
Wavelet Scaling and Navier–Stokes Regularity
Jacques Lewalle
Generalization of the Eddy Viscosity Model — Application to a Temperature Spectrum
F. Bataille, G. Brillant, and M. Yousuff Hussaini
Continuous Models for the Simulation of Turbulent Flows: An Overview and Analysis
M. Yousuff Hussaini, Siva Thangam, and Stephen L. Woodruff
Analytical Uses of Wavelets for Navier–Stokes Turbulence
Jacques Lewalle
Time Averaging, Hierarchy of the Governing Equations, and the Balance of Turbulent Kinetic
Douglas P. Dokken and Mikhail M. Shvartsman
The Role of Angular Momentum Invariants in Homogeneous Turbulence
P. A. Davidson
On the New Concept of Turbulence Modeling in Fully Developed Turbulent Channel Flow and
Boundary Layer
Ekachai Juntasaro and Varangrat Juntasaro
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