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Laird B.B. University Chemistry

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Laird B.B. University Chemistry
3rd Edition. - McGraw-Hill, 2009. - 994 p. - This dynamic new Honors General Chemistry text brings together a practical Molecular to Macroscopic approach, a proven problem solving approach that challenges students to think logically, along with a clear and concise writing style. Combined with the author’s teaching experience at the University of Kansas, extensive reviewing and accuracy checks, Brian Laird’s University Chemistry is certain to meet the needs of both instructor and student.


The Basic Language of Chemistry
Quantum Theory and the Electronic Structure of Atoms
Many-Electron Atoms and the Periodic Table
The Chemical Bond
Molecular Structure and Interaction
States of Matter I: Phase Diagrams and Gases
States of Matter II: Liquids and Solids
Entropy, Free Energy and the Equilibrium State
Physical Equilibria
Chemical Equilibria
Acids and Bases
Solution Equilibria
Chemical Reaction Kinetics
Chemistry of Transition Metals
Organic and Polymer Chemistry
Nuclear Chemistry
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