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Petrescu S. (ed.) Glycosylation

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Petrescu S. (ed.) Glycosylation
InTeOp, 2012. - 446 pages. - ISBN: 9535107712 9789535107712
This book, outlining the concepts of glycobiology, is a suite of reviews and articles written by a team of acknowledged researchers and covers some of the key topics in the field.
Covering a wide range of theoretical and practical issues in the field of glycobiology, the Glycosylation book will be of an immediate value for students, academics and researchers involved in drug glycoengineering and biomedical research.
Glycosylation and Structure
The Structural Assessment of Glycosylation Sites Database - SAGS - An Overall View on N-Glycosylation
Beyond the Sequon: Sites of N-Glycosylation
Structural Biology of Glycoproteins
Unravelling Glycobiology by NMR Spectroscopy
Systems Glycosylation
Distribution, Characterization of Mycobacterial Glycol ip ids and Host Responses
Flagellar Glycosylation: Current Advances
Glycosylating Toxin of Clostridium perfringens
N-Glycosylation of the 66-kDa Cell-Wall Glycoprotein of a Red Microalga
Glycosylation and Disease
Alpha-l-Acid Glycoprotein (AGP) as a Potential Bio marker for Breast Cancer
Plant-Derived Agents with Anti-Glycation Activity
Cell Biology of Glycosylation
Impact of Yeast Glycosylation Pathway on Cell Integrity and Morphology
The Role of Glycosylation in Receptor Signaling
The Role of O-Linked Ot-N-Acetylglucosamine (GlcNAc) Modification in Cell Signaling
The Role of Glycans in Apical Sorting of Proteins in Polarized Epithelial Cells
The Role of Glycosylation in the Control of Processing and Cellular Transport of the Functional Amyloid PMEL17
Glycoengineering and Therapy
Application of Quality by Design Paradigm to the Manufacture of Protein Therapeutics
Production of Highly Sialylated Monoclonal Antibodies
Glycoengineered Yeast as an Alternative Monoclonal Antibody Discovery and Production Platform
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