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Abrahams C.R., Zhang M. Fair Lending Compliance: Intelligence and Implications for Credit Risk Management

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Abrahams C.R., Zhang M. Fair Lending Compliance: Intelligence and Implications for Credit Risk Management
Wiley – 2008, 384 pages
ISBN: 0470167769, 9780470167762
Millions of Americans are unable to borrow from lending institutions largely because lenders do not have the proper credit information to prove an individual's willingness and ability to pay bills. An understanding of this fine line between credit access and credit risk is key to developing a new generation of models and processes that preserve safe and sound lending while promoting inclusiveness in the credit market.
Part of the Wiley and SAS Business Series, Fair Lending Compliance: Intelligence and Implications for Credit Risk Management explores this overlap between fair lending and credit risk in order for lenders to provide greater and more affordable access to credit while operating within acceptable risk/return thresholds. With coverage of fair lending compliance specific to consumer and small business credit risk management, this innovative and timely work shows how various groups and organizations, as well as forward-thinking risk officers, can work to close the information gap for millions of Americans by maximizing the value of emerging nontraditional data sets for their institutions.
Written for corporate executives, loan officers, compliance and credit risk managers, and information technology professionals, as well as lawyers, legislators, federal and state regulators, researchers, and academics, this book provides in-depth coverage of:
The dramatic changes in America's demographic and economic trends and how institutions can effectively respond to them and embrace their revenue potential
Fair lending compliance analysis methodology, components, and a strategic framework for approaching analysis
Advances in methodology including the universal performance indicator (UPI), dynamic conditional process (DCP), risk evaluation/policy formulation system (REPFS), multi-layered segmentation (MLS), and the credit and compliance optimization process (CCOP)
Fair Lending Compliance provides coverage of traditional approaches coupled with several pioneering breakthroughs in methodology and technology that can enable all stakeholders to gain a broader and deeper understanding of fair lending analysis and develop more effective, more efficient, and better coordinated compliance self-assessment programs and credit risk management systems.
Credit Access and Credit Risk.
Methodology and Elements of Risk and Compliance Intelligence.
Analytic Process Initiation.
Loan Pricing Analysis.
Regression Analysis for Compliance Testing.
Alternative Credit Risk Models.
Multi-layered Segmentation.
Model Validation.
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