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Benedict J.B. (Ed.) Recent Advances in Crystallography

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Benedict J.B. (Ed.) Recent Advances in Crystallography
InTech, 2012, 312 pages, ISBN: 9535107545 9789535107545
This book is a collection of works showcasing some of the most recent developments in the field of crystallography.
The advent of X-ray diffraction in the early twentieth century transformed crystallography from an area of scientific inquiry largely limited to physics, mineralogy, and mathematics, to a highly interdisciplinary field which now includes nearly all life and physical sciences as well as materials science and engineering.
History of Crystallography
Histories of Crystallography by Shafranovskii and Schuh
Experimental Techniques
Crystallography Under Extreme Conditions: State of the Art and Perspectives
X-Ray N-Beam Takagi-Taupin Dynamical Theory and N-Beam Pinhole Topographs Experimentally Obtained and Computer-Simulated
X-CHIP: An Integrated Platform for High-Throughput Protein Crystallography
Mineralization of Lipid А-Phosphates in Three- and Two-Dimensional Colloidal Dispersions
Crystal Engineering
Crystals in Materials Science
Halogen Bonding in Crystal Engineering
Epitaxial Electrodeposition of Chiral Films Using Chiral Precursors
Crystal Structures of Organic Compounds
Computational Modeling
Unique and Effective Characterization of Space Groups in Computer Applications
XAO Analysis - AO's and Their Populations in Crystal Fields
Computational Potential Energy Minimization Studies on the Prion AGAAAAGAAmyloid Fibril Molecular Structures
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