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Reichard J. Environmental Geology

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Reichard J. Environmental Geology
McGraw-Hill, 2011, 593 pages, ISBN: 0073046809
Reichard's Environmental Geology emphasizes human interaction with the environment within a geological context. The writing style holds the interest of nonmajor students, and the text brings applications to the forefront so that students feel a connection to the topic.
Fundamentals of Environmental Geology
Humans and the Geologic Environment
Earth from a Larger Perspective
Earth Materials
Earth’s Structure and Plate Tectonics
Hazardous Earth Processes
Earthquakes and Related Hazards
Volcanoes and Related Hazards
Mass Wasting and Related Hazards
Streams and Flooding
Coastal Hazards
Earth Resources
Soil Resources
Water Resources
Mineral and Rock Resources
Conventional Fossil Fuel Resources
Alternative Energy Resources
The Health of Our Environment
Pollution and Waste Disposal
Global Climate Change
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