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West Brana Rish. Talk Your Head Off (. and Write, Too!)

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West Brana Rish. Talk Your Head Off (. and Write, Too!)
Prentice Hall, 1996. — 176 p. — ISBN-13: 978-0134762012; ISBN-10: 0134762010.
Language: English
Textbook for Teachers and Students.
Trying to dream up different topics and questions is difficult at times. This book covered a wide spectrum of topics that stimulated hours and hours of laughter and conversations.
Talk your head off is a kind of book teachers and students have been talking about for a long time. Students want an interesting book that does not rely on boring rote drilling. Teachers want a book that simplifies the learning process and makes it enjoyable. Talk your head of accomplishes this and more.
This book is filled with targeted questions on many interesting topics. Students respond to the questions using appropriate tenses and grammatical forms.
Subjects covered include Favorite Things, Diet and Exercise, Transportation System, Pets, Job Interviews and many more!
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