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Weilacher Udo. Syntax of Landscape

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Weilacher Udo. Syntax of Landscape
Birkhauser Boston, 2007. — 199 p. — ISBN 9783764376147.
Duisburg-Nord Landscape Park in Germany, the Plateau de Kirchberg in Luxembourg, Parco Dora in Turin, Italy and numerous other projects designed and built by Peter Latz and Partners stand as examples of an up-to-date and intelligent approach to alternative environmental technologies and the reclamation of extensive industrial landscapes. In Peter Latz’s landscape architecture, ecological and social concerns are translated into an individual aesthetic language that aims to achieve a timeless quality. The different layers and meanings of the sites rich in history are revealed and woven into networks of spatial and temporal relationships that follow rules of their own – the syntax of landscape. A sense of process and dynamism in sustainable landscape structures characterises the works, works that are open for change: they are spaces in development, not parks as finite set pieces.
Landscape architecture as cultural valorization
Layers of information. How does landscape work
University of Marburg on Lahnberge
Ulm Science City on Eselsberg
Plateau de Kirchberg, Luxembourg
Dealing with bad places
Saarbrücken Harbour Island
Duisburg-Nord Landscape Park
Parco Dora, Turin
Hiriya Mountain, Tel Aviv
Design as experimental invention
Project data
Illustration credits
Further selected projects and competitions
Selected publications
Exhitions and catalogues
On Peter Latz and Partners
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