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Guides R. Rough Guide to the Energy Crisis

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Guides R. Rough Guide to the Energy Crisis
Rough Guides, 2010, 299 pages, ISBN: 1848364121
This book is a comprehensive guide to the workings of today's energy world, explaining the seductive nature of fossil fuels and the reasons why international climate change negotiations are proving so difficult. If you're interested in escaping the trap of fossil fuels and moving to a low carbon world, this is the guide for you. Realistically looking at the pitfalls, pressures and prospects for renewable energy, "The Rough Guide to the Energy Crisis" also shows that there is hope in new energy conservation techniques, made possible by smart grids and smart metering. You'll also discover energy security issues and future tensions that could occur, like the possibility of the lights going out, jeopardising public support for a world of cleaner energy.
Leaving the comfort zone. Energy and transition
The great escape. Where we are now and where we go next
The transitionand the tools to make it happen
Energy: who controls it? Too important to be left to the market
Climate change. The greatest market failure of all
The energy game board. Different fuels and the parts they play
Oil. The black stuff that keeps the world moving
Gas. The greenest fossil
Coal. Deep down and dirty
Nuclear power. Better the devil you know?
Extending the electrons. New things in electricity
Renewables. On the rise, but an uphill struggle
Wind power. The answer, my friend.
Solar energy. Here comes the sun
Water. Making waves .
Biomass and biofuels. The power of vegetation
Hydrogen. The fuel fervour that faded
The players. The people and companies in control
From the Seven Sisters to the NOCs. Where the big energy companies came from Utilities
More than just the name on the bills
Energy and money. Which one makes the world go round?
Energy and emergency. How close are we to the edge?
Security of supply. The serious business of keeping a nation switched on
Energy, war and US policy. The American mix
Future frictions and Arctic angst
Energy prospects. What will the future look like?
Saving energy. Getting better all the time
Transport trauma. Reinventing the wheel
Low-carbon energies. Picking winners
Environmental politics. Resistance and pressure for change
The new energy morality. Doing the right thing
The new energy world. A slow dawn
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