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Maddock J.(ed.) Public Health - Methodology, Environmental and Systems Issues

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Maddock J.(ed.) Public Health - Methodology, Environmental and Systems Issues
InTeOp, 2012. - 443 p. — ISBN: ISBN 9535106418 9789535106418.
This book explores several systems in public health including aspects of the food system, health care system and emerging issues including waste minimization in nanosilver. The book presents several novel methodologies for better modeling and assessment of essential public health issues.
Public health can be thought of as a series of complex systems. Many things that individual living in high income countries take for granted like the control of infectious disease, clean, potable water, low infant mortality rates require a high functioning systems comprised of numerous actors, locations and interactions to work. Many people only notice public health when that system fails.
Measurement and Methodology
Potential Risk: A New Approach
Child Mental Health Measurement: Reflections and Future Directions
Assessing the Outline Uncertainty of Spatial Disease Clusters
Review of Ames Assay Studies of the Urine of Clinical Pathology and Forensic Laboratory Personnel and Other Occupations, such as Oncology Hospitals and Nursing Personnel
Old Obstacles on New Horizons: The Challenge of Implementing Gene X Environment Discoveries in Schizophrenia Research
Environmental and Nutritional Issues
Iron Deficiency Anemia: A Public Health Problem of Global Proportions
Snakebite Envenoming: A Public Health Perspective
Chemical Residues in Animal Food Products: An Issue of Public Health
Viable but Nonculturable Bacteria in Food
Waste Minimization for the Safe Use of Nanosilver in Consumer Products - Its Impact on the Eco-Product Design for Public Health
Health Systems
New Challenges in Public Health Practice: The Ethics of Industry Alliance with Health Promoting Charities
Primary and Hospital Healthcare in Poland - Organization, Availability and Space
Planning Incorporation of Health Technology into Public Health Center
Policy and Management of Medical Devices for the Public Health Care Sector in Benin
Global Health
Non-Communicable Diseases in the Global Health Agenda
Diseases of Poverty: The Science of the Neglected
Health-Longevity Medicine in the Global World
Alcoholism and the Russian Mortality Crisis
Insomnia and Its Correlates: Current Concepts. Epidemiology, Pathophysiology and Future Remarks
Saving More than Lives: A Gendered Analysis of the Importance of Fertility Preservation for Cancer Patients
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