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Workshop on Decontamination, Cleanup, and Associated Issues for Sites Contaminated With Chemical, Biological, or Radiological Materials

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Workshop on Decontamination, Cleanup, and Associated Issues for Sites Contaminated With Chemical, Biological, or Radiological Materials
EPA, 2005. - 166 p.
Table of Contents
List of Abbreviations and Acronyms
Executive Summary
Opening Remarks
Presentations and Associated Question and Answer Periods
- DHS S&T Biological and Chemical Restoration Programs
- Crime Scene Management and WMD Terrorism
- CDC/NIOSH and Health Response to Biothreat Agents: Environmental Monitoring
- Ranking Threats for Decontamination Research
- OPP Sterilant Registration Project: Improving the Association of Official Analytical Chemists (AOAC) Sporicidal Activity Test and the Evaluation of Quantitative Methods
- Crisis Exemptions for Products Intended to Inactivate Bacillus anthracis
- Sampling and Clearance Lessons Learned
- The Use of the Trace Atmospheric Gas Analyzer (TAGA) to Qualitatively and Quantitatively Monitor Ambient Air for Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs) and Decontamination Agents in Real Time at Parts per Trillion by Volume Levels or Below
- Insurance and Indemnity Issues
- The Role of the On-Scene Coordinator in the Process
- Introduction to the Government Decontamination Services
- Laboratory Capacity Issues
- Chlorine Dioxide Fumigation and Liquid Chlorine Dioxide
- STERIS Chem-Bio Decontamination
- Vaporous Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) for Room/Building Decontamination Following Chemical or Biological Agent Attack: Overview of Efficacy and Practical Issues
- Whole-Structure Decontamination of Bacterial Spores by Methyl Bromide Fumigation
- DF-200 Decontamination of CBW Agents, Other Biological Pathogens, and Toxic Industrial Chemicals
- Capitol Hill Ricin Incident: Decontamination Dilemmas
- Restoration from Decontamination: USPS Experience
- Decontamination Workshop Another Look at Chlorine Dioxide Fumigation: Concentration-Times, Efficacy Tests, and Biological Indicators
- Innovative and Emerging Decontamination Technologies
- Systematic Decontamination Project: Homeland Security Verification of Chemical and Biological Decontamination Technologies
- Use of HVAC Systems in Building Decontamination
- Building Disinfection Byproducts: Experimental Evaluation and Decision Tool
- Evaluation of Two Biological Decontamination Methods in a Room-Sized Test Chamber
- Verification of Commercial Decontamination Technologies in Bench-Scale Studies Using B. anthracis Spores
- Technical Support Working Group Decontamination Research and Development Activities
- Dirty Bombs (Radiological Dispersion Devices [RDDs]) and Cleanup
- Radiological and Nuclear Terror: Technical Aspects and Implications for Decontamination and Site Cleanup
- UK Approach to RDD Cleanup
Panel Discussion—Lessons Learned
- Information Sharing and Agency Coordination
- Preparedness
- Sampling and Analytical Issues
- Decontamination Process
Panel Discussion—Research and Development Needs
- Appendix A: Agenda
- Appendix B: List of Participants
- Appendix C: Presentation Slides
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