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Grunig R., Kuhn R. Process-based Strategic Planning

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Grunig R., Kuhn R. Process-based Strategic Planning
6th Edition. — Springer, 2011. — 383 p. — ISBN: 3642167144, 9783642167140.
The strategies of a company define its future way of doing business: they determine for years to come the target market positions and the competitive advantages it must construct and maintain.
It is the development of successful strategies, an essential and a com- plex task, which forms the focus of this book. The book begins with a brief introduction to strategic planning. This is followed by the presenta- tion of a method for determining future strategies. Here eight stages in planning are proposed. They are afterwards described in detail and procedures are provided for dealing with each stage.
The authors would like to express their gratitude to all those who have helped in the writing of this book. Many of the ideas and examples come from practice. We are therefore especially indebted to the many managers who have allowed us to share their strategic work. The au- thors would also like to thank all those former and present students, doctoral candidates and assistants, who contributed to the book.
In addition we would like to address our special thanks to three people. This book could not have been produced without the considerable tal- ents of Anthony Clark who translated large sections of the book from German into English and improved the language of the parts we wrote in English. Tu Le merits special thanks for her efficient and excellent work in typing the text, designing the figures and producing the lists. The authors would also like to thank Hikmete Morina for updating references and bibliography.
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