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Blokdijk G., Engle C., Brewster J. IT Risk Management Guide

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Blokdijk G., Engle C., Brewster J. IT Risk Management Guide
Emereo Publishing – 2008, 244 pages.
ISBN: 1921523042, 9781921523045.
Are you exposing your business to IT risk, and leaving profit opportunities on the table? You might be if you are managing your IT risk using more traditional approaches. The IT Risk Management Guide, a new book based on research conducted by The Art of Service and ITIL's Best Practices, helps companies focus on the most pressing risks and leverage the upside that comes with vigilance. Traditionally, managers have grouped technology risk and funding into silos. The IT Risk Management Guide outlines a new Process driven model for integrated risk management, which identifies core areas you can develop to eliminate the problems that silo strategies create. The authors also offer specific ways to make the most of your new found advantage by offering blueprints and templates, ready to use. And because IT risk is the responsibility of all senior executives and not just CIOs this book describes the tools and practices in language that general managers can understand and use.
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