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Ivanov O. (Ed.) Applications and Experiences of Quality Control

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Ivanov O. (Ed.) Applications and Experiences of Quality Control
InTeO – 2011, 723 pages.
ISBN: 9533072364, 9789533072364.
This book provides detailed information on various aspects of quality control, and can serve as a basis for starting interdisciplinary cooperation, which has increasingly become an integral part of scientific and applied research.
The rich palette of topics set out in this book provides a sufficiently broad overview of the developments in the field of quality control.
Quality Control in Public Health and Biology.
Quality Indicators for Colonoscopy Procedures.
The Need for Quality Control in High Dose Rate Brachytherapy.
Applications and Experiences of Quality Control to Surgical and Interventional Procedures.
Whole Body Composition by Hologic QDR 4500/A DXA: System Reliability versus User Accuracy and Precision.
Quality Control in Endoscopy Unit: Safety Considerations for the Patient.
Development of Urodynamic Standards for Quality Control.
Guidelines for Developing Automated Quality Control Procedures for Brain Magnetic Resonance Images Acquired in Multi-Centre Clinical Trials.
Quality Control in the Early Secretory Pathway Plays Significant Roles in vivo.
Quality Assurance in the Preanalytical Phase.
The Need for Quality for Better Laboratory Performance. Alexandria University Experience.
Quality Control for the Molecular Diagnosis of Toxoplasmosis.
Quality and Safety in PICU and NICU: Scoreboard Control and Care Network.
Primer Design to Sequence Analysis - a Pipeline for a Molecular Genetic Diagnostic Laboratory.
Innovative Approaches in Quality Management in Clinical Laboratories.
Computer and Mathematical Approaches for Quality Control.
Mathematically Fuzzy Approach to Quality Control.
On Some Applications of Nonlinear Differential Equations in Image Processing: Concepts and Electronic Implementation.
Quality Control in Clinical Laboratories.
Water Quality Control from the Perspective of Water Supply System Users' Safety.
The Application Research of Intelligent Quality Control Based on Failure Mode and Effects Analysis Knowledge Management.
Model Driven Adaptive Quality Control in Service Oriented Architectures.
Research about New Predictive-Maintenance Methodology using VBA for Marine Engineering Applications.
Development of VBA Based Ship Technical Corrective Management System for Marine Engineers.
Quality Assessments of Seafloor Mapping with Multibeam Echo Sounders.
Quality Control in the Industry.
Electrochemical Methods in Analysis of Biofuels.
Quality Control Implementation in Manufacturing Companies: Motivating Factors and Challenges.
Quality Control Methods Based on Electromagnetic Field-Matter Interactions.
Process Monitoring of Polymer Systems bv using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy.
Digital Image Processing for Quality Control on Injection Molding Products.
Power Quality Control in Wind/Fuel Cell/Battery/Hydrogen Electrolyzer Hybrid Micro-grid Power System.
A Discussion on Current Quality-Control Practices in Mineral Exploration.
Sampling Errors and Control of Assay Data Quality in Exploration and Mining Geology.
Adaptive Calibration and Quality Control of Smart Sensors.
Hyperspectral Imaging for Raw Material Sorting and Processed Product Quality Control.
Quality Control of the Microlenses Array.
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