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Bryan L.A., Bryan E.A. Programmable controllers. Theory and implementation

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Bryan L.A., Bryan E.A. Programmable controllers. Theory and implementation
Second Edition. — Industrial Text Company, 1997. — xi, 1035 p. — ISBN 0-944107-32-X.
This award-winning textbook covers everything from PLC basics to advanced applications.
Full of checklists, charts, and tables, it makes a perfect quick-reference as well as an in-depth study tool. Whether you're already an expert on PLCs or you're just starting out, the problem-solving approach used here is guaranteed to help you succeed.
This informative text provides a comprehensive theoretical, yet practical, look at all aspects of PLCs and their associated devices and systems.
Included are new chapters on advanced PLC topics such as, I/O bus networks, fuzzy logic, the IEC 1131-3 programming standard, process control, and PID algorithms. This new edition also presents revised, up-to-date information about existing topics, with expanded graphics and hands-on examples.
The book is divided into easy-to-manage segments with clearly defined heads and subjects. Chapter highlights and key-term sections serve as a guide to the whole PLC process.
Introduction to Programmable Controllers
Number Systems and Codes
Logic Concepts
Processors, the Power Supply, and Programming Devices
The Memory System and I/O Interaction
The Discrete Input/Output System
The Analog Input/Output System
Special Function I/O and Serial Communication Interfacing
Programming Languages
The IEC 1131 Standard and Programming Language
System Programming and Implementation
PLC System Documentation
Data Measurements and Transducers
Process Responses and Transfer Functions
Process Controllers and Loop Tuning
Artificial Intelligence and PLC Systems
Fuzzy Logic
Local Area Networks
I/O Bus Networks
PLC Start-Up and Maintenance
System Selection Guidelines
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