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AD Architectural Design 2009 №05

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AD Architectural Design 2009 №05
London: John Wiley & Sons Ltd. — 148 p. — ISSN 0003-8504.
Fast-changing social contexts are dominated by the blurring of boundaries between work and play, information retrieval and use. Pliable and responsive digital environments raise the haptic and intuitive threshold of public and private space by harnessing physical and mental responses. Will interactive architecture embrace a wider scope of functions and experiences – from sensing mechanisms, to the info-lounge, to the ambient home environment and the holistic hospital – through customisable design possibilities?
Helen Castle
A Near Future
Nic Clear
Urban Flux
Matthew Gandy
Fata Morgana and the Swindon Gout Clinic
Michael Aling
Urban Otaku:
Electric Lighting and the Noctambulist
John Culmer Bell
The Groom’s Gospel
Bastian Glassner
Hong Kong Labyrinths
Soki So
Distructuring Utopias
Rubedo: Laurent-Paul Robert and Vesna Petresin Robert
The Carbon Casino
Richard Bevan
Cities Gone Wild
Geoff Manaugh
London After the Rain
Nic Clear
L.A.W.u.N. Project #21:
Samantha Hardingham and David Greene
Cortical Plasticity
Dan Farmer
The Ridiculous and the Sublime
Ben Nicholson
Stereoscopic Urbanism: JG Ballard and the Built Environment
Simon Sellars
The Sound Stage
George Thomson
Recent History – Art In Ruins
Hannah Vowles and Glyn Banks/Art in Ruins and Nic Clear
Practice Profile
Jayne Merkel
Interior Eye
Biochemistry Department, University of Oxford
Howard Watson
Building Profile
St Benedict’s School, West London
David Littlefield
Unit Factor
Migration Pattern Process
Simon Beames and Kenneth Fraser
Spiller’s Bits
Mathematics of the Ideal Pavilion
Neil Spiller
Yeang’s Eco-Files
Computational Building
Performance Modelling and Ecodesign
Khee Poh Lam and Ken Yeang
McLean’s Nuggets
Will McLean
Scaleable Technology for Smart Spaces
Valentina Croci
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